Tazaungmone Festival

Tazaungmone Festival

Tazaungmone in Myanmar Calendar is the month of November. It is among the 12 months when the rainy season ends and winter comes in. At that time. in Myanmar. the seasonal Khawei flowers are in full bloom. On the night of full moon day of Tazaungmone. 9.999 candles were lighted and offered to Koehtatkyi Pagoda in SanChaung Township. Yangon Division.

On the auspicious night. the word ‘Atula Dipati Mahamuni Thetkya Koehtetgyi Badhha’ if add. you will get the number 9 which we called Koenawin and the omen which means free of enemies and diseases. exactly. we started to light of 9.999 candles and offered them to Buddha. 9. 999 candles were lit around the pagoda in groups and to get the best place. they have to draw lots.

At designated place the groups started to prepare for the festivity at 2 in the afternoon. At four the music artistes played the traditional harp and offer music to the Buddha. In the evening at about 5:22 p.m.. the grand ceremony commenced. All those present first take the five precepts and say the prayers for offering the lights unanimously and unison.

At 6:09 exactly. the Master of Ceremonies gave 11 minutes for people to take up position. Before long. the sound of Aka Ratu came out. All electric bulbs were then put out on the pagoda and people started to pray and recite partitas.At the auspicious hour. the conch shell was blown and later the playing of the brass gongs and bells could be heard simultaneously.

Together with these auspicious sounds fire works came out from the either side of the throne of the pagoda and at the same time the lights of the candle came out as if a lighted blanket was removed. it was a breath-taking site and all those present lit candles and offered it to the great Buddha image. Fire crackers are known as Ta Zaung in olden days. And since it is placed atop the pole and lighted we called it Tazaung Daing. During the Tazaungdaing festivals of spirits is also held.

On the full moon day of Tazaungmone. all the stars completely shown out and at midnight on that day. people usually eat vegetable curry and it is believed the bitter Maezali bud salad. you will be free from all diseases.Streaming from that belief. people usually prepare Maezali bud salads and share it with friends. This is one of the treasured habits of Myanmar.

To prepare Mezali salad. first you will have to choose tender buds about 9 baskets. clean and rinse it and then boil it until it becomes soft and tender. Then you will have to pound it until it becomes pasty. Then you mix the paste with groundnut oil. pounded ground nut. fried onions. beans. fried Dahl. sesame . cabbage. green chili and salt to taste. It is a vegetarian dish which Myanmars adore.

By watching the 9.999 candles lighting festival at Koehtatkyi Pagoda and by enjoying the Maezali salad. we all hope you will share our fine tradition and culture which we. Myanmar preserve and adore to date. May you all share our merits of good deeds.