Welcome to Pan Pet, ethnic Kayan community

Visit the homeland of the legendary ‘long-neck’ Kayan people….
Gentle trekking, while exploring local beliefs and way of life…
Visit traditional artisans and musicians in their homes …

These community based, cultural tours offer you fascinating, fun insights into local life and culture in Pan Pet, an ethnic Kayan community, located in Demoso township, Kayah, Myanmar. Pan Pet area includes 5 small villages.

On arrival, visitors are met and welcomed to the village by a local community guide, who is a member of Pan Pet’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) club.

Tour programs and services in Pan Pet include:

1. The short trek, cultural and nature trail. On arrival in Pemasong hamlet, visitors are met by their local community guide. After a quick welcome, the community guide leads us along a nature trail, for approximately 2 hours. Finally, we arrive at a beautiful viewpoint, with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, rice fields and 5 hamlets of Pan Pet.

As we climb the hill (moderate walking), the guide stops to explain important cultural sites on the way. These include a monument which honours the village clan, an animist bird totem, and a guardian spirit cave. Guests are usually accompanied by licenced, English speaking tour guides who help the community guide to translate, and assist visitors to ask questions.

Difficulty grade: easy trek, with moderate steep sections.

Note: Water is not available in Pan Pet. It must be brought from Loikaw.

2. The Artisans’ Trail in Salong Kana hamlet. Salong Kana is one of the five hamlets of Pan Pet community, which is considered to be the homeland of Kayan, or ‘long neck Karen’ culture. The brass rings worn by some Kayan ladies have become an iconic symbol of Myanmar, and of SE Asian tribal culture. Kayan ladies are also well known for their handmade crafts. This program gives guests the chance to go ‘behind the scenes’ by visiting the homes of local artisans, and seeing crafts being made.

The artisans’ trail was developed based on consultation with local villagers. Guests visit traditional, Kayan homes. We may see artisans making Kayan bracelets, weaving traditional textiles, carving wooden statues, weaving bamboo, or other handwork. Additional highlights of the trail include visiting the village’s Clan Monument, and the Ker Kwang (a Bird Totem), where your local village local guide will explain about the village’s clans and ancestors. Guests can taste traditional Kayan rice wine on request (optional). The Artisans’ trail takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Note: Visitors who have been trekking will continue to Salong Kana hamlet with their local community guide (20-30 minutes walk), who will also accompany them on the Artisans’ Trail. Visitors who have not been trekking will meet their community guide in Salong Kana hamlet for a brief welcome.

3. Lunch options. Guests can either enjoy a scenic picnic lunch on the hilltop, or eat lunch at a local home in nearby Salong Kana hamlet .

Note: visitors who do not trek can still book a tasty local lunch in Salong Kana hamlet.

4. Option: shop for souvenirs on the way home. At the end of the tour, visitors can stop at Rang Ku and Do Keh hamlets, where many Kayan ladies have established small shops, selling arts and crafts. Enjoy learning a few words of Kayan language and interacting with these fun-loving and artistic people. There are opportunities to buy local handicrafts.