Welcome to Daw Ta Ma Gyi, ethnic Kayah community
In depth insights into local Kayah beliefs and sacred sites…
Meet skilled Kayah artisans and musicians in traditional homes …

Visit the atmospheric and unusual ‘rice barn village!’

Community based, cultural tours offer visitors fascinating, enjoyable insights into local life and culture in Daw Ta Ma Gyi, which is an ethnic Kayah (Karenni) community, located in Demoso township, Kayah state, Myanmar.

All visitors must book via Daw Ta Ma Gyi Community Based Tourism Club, and use the services of a ‘local community guide’

The program begins with a quick welcome at the Daw Ta Ma Gyi community center. Guests are met by members of the CBT club. They are given a friendly introduction to the community, the tour itinerary and important taboos.

The first stop is a visit to the ‘Kayhtoebo’ hall and shrines, where animist traditions are practiced. A highlight are huge totem poles, which tower into the sky. Guests learn why these sites are so important for Kayah people, and about festivals and events, which are held here during the year. Next, local guides lead us to the ‘Pokee’ shrine, where the community gather every year to honour the role of women.

Other highlights of Daw Ta Ma Gyi’s community, cultural tour program are:

Visit, traditional, thatched Kayah homes. Taste millet wine, learn about Kayah dress, or try playing a traditional instrument. You can meet local artisans and musicians, who are preserving traditional Kayah arts, dress, crafts and culture; including Kayah’s famous bamboo guitar… And, try your hand too!

Visit the atmospheric rice barn village: On the outskirts of the village is a huge area of traditional rice barns! The villagers will explain why the rice barn village was established, and how the village spirits protect the rice!