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Tokyo/Hakone Tour

This tour includes the most famous Japanese tour spots, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and Tokyo.
In this tour, you can enjoy the places where many international tourists want to go at least once with limited short schedule.

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Day 1

After arrival at Narita Airport, we go to Asakusa, the old downtown Tokyo. It is famous for its big red Japanese lantern. And then you can enjoy the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is the tallest tower in Japan. The day will finish with visiting one of the liveliest and populated areas, Ginza and Akihabara, the Electric Town.

Day 2

We continue our tour and visit Kamakura Buddha. Kamakura Buddha is one of the most famous icons of Japan. And then we can shop at Gotemba Outlet.
We can enjoy the shopping of famous brands there.After Shopping, we will visit Oshinohakkai, a spring which is one of the resources of Mt Fuji.

Day 3

We will start the day by climbing Mt Fuji until Level 5 by bus. Drive through Hamanako where you can see the Mt Fuji from Shizuoka Prefecture side. And then, you can enjoy the Ashi Lake on the Cruise. After that, we take you to Odaiba, one of the greatest shopping spots in Japan.

Day 4

In the Morning, we will go to the Imperial Palace which is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan.And then, we will enjoy the Disney Magic World for the whole day. You can enjoy many exciting attractions.